Skin Cancer

A 500-pound dolphin in Chicago takes CT scans for cancer treatment [Video]

A 500-pound dolphin in Chicago takes CT scans for cancer treatment

Lucky the dolphin has been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and transported from Florida to Chicago for advanced treatment.

The medical team performs cryotherapy on Lucky as they use big swabs to freeze cancer in the back of his mouth. CT scans and ultrasound are used to make sure cancer has not spread to the rest of Lucky’s body. The treatment seems to be effective, but treating cancer in a pool brings its challenges.

The treatment could advance medicine for other animals and should keep Lucky splashing for years to come.

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Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Free Vlog 5 [Video]

I went to surgeon. The went over pathology report. The was Melanomas around first biopsy site. It was instituted. That means it was on the surface only. There was no cancers in the borders of the wide excision. That means as of now, I am cancer free!!!!I go back inn6 months for head to toe moles check as well as lymph nodes. Thanks for watching.Be you, Be Happy, Be Kind!

Skin Cancer

Olympic Gold Medalist Diagnosed with Melanoma Skin Cancer | Cancer Story [Video]

Cate Campbell diagnosed with Melanoma cancer in August 2022. Cate Campbell is an Australian National Swimming Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist. This is her story.#cancerstory #melanomaawareness #melanoma My cancer diagnosis story: cancer removal surgery story: Campbell article: Jackman article: me your diagnosis story: