Skin Cancer

Alexa Bliss Reveals Why She’s Been Absent From WWE TV [Video]

Alexa Bliss has been absent from WWE TV since the Royal Rumble premium live event in January.

Now, we know why, as the former WWE women’s champion explained this week on social media that she recently underwent a procedure after being diagnosed with skin cancer.

Bliss, who’s real name is Alexis Cabrera (formerly Alexis Kaufman), first revealed the diagnosis in an Instagram story. She wrote, “Dear younger me, You should have stayed out of tanning beds” while noting she was “All clear now though!”

Bliss then expounded upon the situation Tuesday while replying to a tweet from someone expressing concern.

“Thank you! Don’t worry, short healing time,” Bliss wrote on Twitter. “Always get your skin checked! Esp if you are in the sun or use tanning beds! Lol”

When asked if she saw marks or spots that made her get checked, Bliss responded Wednesdaywith a tweet that read, “There was a spot on my face yes- that had …

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Skin Cancer

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