Skin Cancer

An Efficient Deep Learning Approach to Detecting Skin Cancer [Video]

An Efficient Deep Learning Approach to Detecting Skin Cancer

Thesis submission for BSc in CS (Summer 2021), BRACU.

Authors: Dr. Md. Ashraful Alam (PhD), Ashfaqul Islam, Daiyan Khan, Rakeen Ashraf Chowdhury

In our research, we tackled the issues caused by difficulties in diagnosing skin cancer and distinguishing between different types of skin growths, especially without the use of advanced medical equipment and a high level of medical expertise of the diagnosticians. To do so, we have implemented a system that will use a deep-learning approach to be able to detect skin cancer from digital images. This video discusses the identification of cancer from seven types of skin lesions from images using CNN with Keras Sequential API. We have used the publicly available HAM10000 dataset, obtained from the Harvard Dataverse. This dataset contains 10,015 labeled images of skin growths. We applied multiple data pre-processing methods after reading the data and before training our model. For accuracy checks and as a means of comparison we have pre-trained data. These transfer learning models include ResNet50, DenseNet121, and VGG11. This helps identify better methods of machine-learning application in the field of skin growth classification for skin cancer detection. Our model achieved an accuracy of over 97% in the proper identification of the type of skin growth.

Key words: cancer detection; convolutional neural networks;
image classification; deep learning; machine learning algorithms

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