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Anemia While on Hormone Therapy | Robotic vs. Standard Prostate Surgery | Comparing Focal Therapies [Video]

Anemia While on Hormone Therapy | Robotic vs. Standard Prostate Surgery | Comparing Focal Therapies

PCRI’s Alex asks medical oncologist Mark Scholz, MD questions from our YouTube comments on the topics of anemia while on hormone therapy, imaging after radiotherapy, scarring after surgery, and comparing focal therapies.

0:08 How do you manage anemia after radiotherapy when a patient is on hormone therapy?

2:19 Should a CT scan be done after the radiation therapy to see if the prostate has shrunk?

4:11 How big of a scar does robotic surgery tend to leave versus standard surgery?

5:56 What are your thoughts on comparing focal therapies like TULSA-PRO versus laser ablation?

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