Breast Cancer

Austin group connects breast cancer survivors through dragon boating [Video]

Starting in 2019, Paddles with a Purpose started up in Austin to connect breast cancer survivors with each other.

AUSTIN, Texas — There are times in our lives when connection is exactly what we need – connecting to people to get things done. There's no exception for this group. 

"It's a thing, people don't know about dragon boating. It's become an international sport," said Laura Szalay, who started her own dragon boating group in Austin. "They have international races all over the world." 

It's a group of women who have one common goal, a goal that isn't just paddling the boat.

"It's an incredible group of strong women that have been through a lot physically, they're all breast cancer survivors," said Szalay. "They come from all walks of life and they come to support each other on and off the water."

On the water, they call themselves Paddles with a Purpose. Off the water, they call each …

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