Pancreatic Cancer

Kathy DelGiorno Research Overview – Pancreatic Cancer [Video]

Dr. Kathy DelGiorno, Vanderbilt University Assistant Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, discusses her research, which uses a combination of histopathology, genetically engineered mouse models, small cell number RNA-sequencing, and ultrastructural microscopy to uncover early changes in the pancreas leading to cancer. Follow Vanderbilt on Twitter: to our YouTube channel: all Vanderbilt social media at

Blood Cancer

Climbing Mt Everest: Josh Hickford Knocking Hodgkin‘s Lymphoma Off [Video]

Source: this episode of The C Word Radio, I sat down with Josh Hickford, chief executive of the Taranaki Foundation, to talk about his diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2017 when he was 27. Josh described the diagnosis like a bomb went off. After returning home from his OE, Josh was looking for his next challenge. He wasn’t expecting the challenge to be cancer. He was a few months in remission when he was accepted as a contestant on the reality series ‘Survivor’. Josh shares how he approached his cancer diagnosis like Sir Ed climbed Mt Everest, what his cancer diagnosis has taught him about resilience, and more!Josh’s links:InstagramWebsiteRipple AppHelen’s links:Membership on Ko-FiFacebookInstagramWebsiteMusic – Happy Days, Scott Holmes