Breast Cancer

Beaumont breast cancer survivor says illness never stole her joy [Video]

“Don't look at it as something deadly. Look at it as a journey, that this too shall pass."

BEAUMONT, Texas — A Beaumont woman who survived breast cancer is telling her story, hoping to encourage those currently battling the disease to never lose hope.

Ramona Chretien wants to celebrate being 10 years breast cancer free. Chretien kept her bright energy and her faith while undergoing nine months of cancer treatments and numerous hospital visits.

"I was a little nervous about it in the beginning, and of course, I had the questions why me, but I felt like, why not me," Chretien said. “It never took away my joy. Because I asked God if He would bring me through this, I would let others know just how good he is in our lives.”

The survivor said her faith and family are what got her through those tough times. Chretien began collecting …

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