Pediatric Cancer

Beautiful Tragedy | Episode 5: Dion Walker Sr. – A Father’s Fight [Video]

Beautiful Tragedy | Episode 5: Dion Walker Sr. – A Father’s Fight

In this episode, Carrie talks with fellow childhood cancer advocate, Dion Walker Sr., whose son Matthew has survived cancer 4 times and bone marrow transplant 3 times.

Carrie speaks with Dion Walker Sr., the father of Matthew Walker, who is a 4 time cancer survivor and has had 3 bone marrow transplants. We talk about his son’s 6 year fight, how they have survived having their life continuously flipped upside down and how important it is going to therapy.

📚 Additional Resources:
National Cancer Institute –
Gilda’s Club St. Louis –
Ronald McDonald House –
Donate Blood –

📺 Videos about Matthew:



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Pediatric Cancer

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Pediatric Cancer

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Pediatric Cancer

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