Pediatric Cancer

Biobanking: how can we make it meet the needs of researchers? [Video]

Biobanking: how can we make it meet the needs of researchers?

In the final TRI Director’s Choice Seminar for 2021, our guest speakers and panellists put the spotlight on the field of biobanking in medical research. They share their experiences in obtaining and collecting biological and clinical data from human subjects to establish and maintain successful biobanks, along with the enablers and barriers they have encountered. We also asked them to share their big-picture learnings.

MCs: Prof John Upham & Prof Maher Gandhi


A/Prof Andy Moore (Children’s Health Qld Tumour Biobank)
Director of Research & Senior Staff Specialist, Paediatric Oncology, Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service
A/Prof Glenda Gobe (Kidney Biobank)
School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Queensland

Prof Vicki Clifton (Queensland Family Cohort Study)
NHMRC Senior Research Fellow; Mothers, Babies and Women’s Health Research Theme Program Leader; Pregnancy and Development Research Group Leader,
Mater Research
Ms Rebecca Rogers (Breast cancer biobank)
Pathology and Clinical Research Coordinator, Mater Research
Professor Gerald Holtmann (Gut microbiome biobank)
Director of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Princess Alexandra Hospital; Professor of Medicine & Director of Clinical Innovation, The University of Queensland

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Pediatric Cancer

Austin Ekeler tells Dawson Knox he's hit the COVID list | Ekeler’s Edge [Video]

Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler and Yahoo Sports’ Fantasy Expert Liz Loza check in on how Austin is feeling after hitting the COVID list. They also recap the Chargers' loss to the Chiefs and Donald Parham's injury. Liz and Austin rate the top waiver wire additions for Week 16 in a holiday themed game of Naughty or Nice. And Buffalo Bills TE Dawson Knox joins the show to talk about his fantasy team name, the Bills up and down season, and his gnarly hand after surgery. Dawson Knox launched an initiative called Knox Sox this season in partnership with For Bare Feet to raise money for P.U.N.T Pediatric Cancer Collaboration.#EkelersEdge #Chargers #DawsonKnoxThanks for watching! Subscribe to the Yahoo Sports channel here us everywhere!Our Site http://www.yahoosports.comInstagram Twitter Facebook Twitch

Pediatric Cancer

12 Christmases Made. Smiles are Forever and the community rally to raise 1000's for Pediatric Cancer [Video]

12 Families, 12 Surprises, 12 Christmases Made.Smiles are Forever and the community rally to raise $1,000's during Giving Tuesday to spread Christmas Cheer for Pediatric Cancer patients!

Pediatric Cancer

blood for the blood god - a technoblade anthem (ft. my discord community) [Video]

After two months and an old MacBook model constantly going through system overloads, here's the last community collaboration for this year, in honor of our favorite Orphan Obliterator, Anarchy Aficionado, Porcine Prince, Monarch of Malice, Death Incarnate: @Technoblade.Stream on your favorite platforms: will be monitored closely and every cent earned will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital – a foundation aiding pediatric cancer patients not only in the US, but all around the world.Check out its global program here: Art Jewel AmorSoloistsSekiya Tsushima ( ( ( Jewel AmorLyricsWassup_mkj (same link as above)River_KingK (same link as above)@Fenyx AdeliaPotatchloride ( Sekiya Tsushima (same link as above)straightjacket_kickboxerArbee Lee ( ( Jewel AmorChoirAmary Ameliethyst ( ( Lee (same link as above)Archea AspenGraceK ( @ButterscotchBread Calamamsi! ( ( ( ( ( (same link as above)Ellaorwhatever ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (same link as above)RainbowFanAnne ( ShadoeDarkus shei ( ( StukiStar ( ( TrinityTheAffinity ( Hellion VinyL ( Check out my Discord community! Pretty chill, lots of Pog people in there :D more crap-posting, follow me on Twitter: stream here: me on UltimateGuitar for the chords! out my carrd for additional links, including Spotify!https://preciousjewelamor.carrd.coSupport me by buying me a coffee! #technothepig