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Biobanking: how can we make it meet the needs of researchers? [Video]

Biobanking: how can we make it meet the needs of researchers?

In the final TRI Director’s Choice Seminar for 2021, our guest speakers and panellists put the spotlight on the field of biobanking in medical research. They share their experiences in obtaining and collecting biological and clinical data from human subjects to establish and maintain successful biobanks, along with the enablers and barriers they have encountered. We also asked them to share their big-picture learnings.

MCs: Prof John Upham & Prof Maher Gandhi


A/Prof Andy Moore (Children’s Health Qld Tumour Biobank)
Director of Research & Senior Staff Specialist, Paediatric Oncology, Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service
A/Prof Glenda Gobe (Kidney Biobank)
School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Queensland

Prof Vicki Clifton (Queensland Family Cohort Study)
NHMRC Senior Research Fellow; Mothers, Babies and Women’s Health Research Theme Program Leader; Pregnancy and Development Research Group Leader,
Mater Research
Ms Rebecca Rogers (Breast cancer biobank)
Pathology and Clinical Research Coordinator, Mater Research
Professor Gerald Holtmann (Gut microbiome biobank)
Director of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Princess Alexandra Hospital; Professor of Medicine & Director of Clinical Innovation, The University of Queensland

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