Breast Cancer

Breast cancer screenings leveling out after a drop-off during the pandemic [Video]

An Ankeny woman is sharing her diagnosis in the hopes of encouraging others to get yearly mammograms.

ANKENY, Iowa — Early in the pandemic, doctors reported seeing mammograms drop off. More and more women were putting off this lifesaving screening, making their cancer more advanced when it was eventually detected. 

With vaccines and masking, screenings have picked up.

But there is still some confusion over what age women should get their first mammogram.

"The confusing thing for the public is that different societies have different recommendations for starting date," said Dr. Amy Hughes with UnityPoint Health's John Stoddard Cancer Center. "[The] American Cancer Society recommends starting at age 45. They say discuss with your doctor starting 40 to 45. So there is some confusion for the general public well … 'Is it 40 is it 45?'"

"I'm biased in this field. I see too many young women. So all of my colleagues would recommend starting at 40 and …

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