Breast Cancer

Breast cancer survivor inducted into boxing hall of fame [Video]

Breast cancer survivor Sue Fox is a black belt in karate, a pro boxer, a mother, an undercover drug detective and a musician.

VANCOUVER, Wash. — We’re all on this planet to hopefully lead fulfilling lives, to do as much as we can each day. Vancouver woman Sue Fox can say she’s done that and then some. Fox is a mother, a retired police officer of 18 years, a musician and one of the first women to box professionally in the United States. And she did it all as a breast cancer survivor.

“I didn’t know how to fight, but I went after him,” Fox said. “I mean, I was just like, boom boom boom, you know? My coach goes, ‘Oh God, your Tiger Lily. You’re like a wildflower.'”

And that’s how she became known as Sue “TL” Fox. It was 1975, Fox was in her 20s, and she had …

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