Brain Cancer

Calgary-area Rush fans show incredible support for cancer fundraising effort – Calgary [Video]

It’s a big weekend for Calgary-area fans of one of the biggest bands in music history.

The Firehouse Bar and Grill in Langdon, Alta. is hosting a tribute to the Canadian band Rush on Sunday.

Fans will have a chance to pay tribute and also support people battling the deadly disease that claimed the life of one of the band’s members.

The band’s drummer Neil Peart died of brain cancer in 2020.

The Peart Family Memorial Fund is involved in the Langdon event, which will feature a fundraising auction for the fund’s ‘Legacy in Bronze’ project that aims to construct a statue of Peart in the family’s hometown of St. Catherines, Ont.

Neil Peart’s sisters have come from Ontario to meet fans at the Firehouse on Sunday and they’re also raising money for another effort that’s close to their hearts.

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“Cancer support for patients,” Nancy Peart Burkholder told Global News. …

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Brain Cancer

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Brain Cancer

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