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Can You Be Diagnosed Without a Biopsy? Does Zinc Affect Prostate Cancer? and More | PCRI [Video]

Can You Be Diagnosed Without a Biopsy? Does Zinc Affect Prostate Cancer? and More | PCRI

In this episode of “Answering YouTube Comments,” Alex asks if it is possible to diagnose prostate cancer without a biopsy—based on a story from a PCRI Helpline caller—and asks questions from our YouTube comments on whether zinc is good for prostate health and whether chemotherapy will alleviate pain in men with metastatic prostate cancer in the bones.

0:06 A 93-year old man called into the PCRI helpline. He had a PSA of 4.0, BPH, and was prescribed finasteride to see if that would shrink his prostate and alleviate his urinary symptoms. Six months later, his PSA was 5.9. He had a clear DRE, and no biopsy was performed. His doctor told him that he had prostate cancer but that since he was 93, he did not need treatment. The gentleman was very concerned that he was diagnosed without any proof of there being cancer, and wanted to know why he would not be treated if he did, in fact, have cancer. Can you explain what the doctor was thinking in his situation? Is it possible for the doctor to know he has prostate cancer without a biopsy?

3:00 Is zinc good for prostate health?

4:00 Does chemotherapy reduce bone pain in patients with metastatic prostate cancer in the bones?

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