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Cannabis plants absorb carcinogenic heavy metals, study says [Video]

Cannabis plants may absorb carcinogenic heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium from soils, experts have warned. 

Researchers in Pennsylvania have conducted a ‘meta-analysis’ of previous studies to examine the ability of cannabis plants to absorb heavy metals. 

They report that some cannabis strains have been bred specifically for ‘phytoremediation’ – growing plants to remove pollutants from soils. 

But this risks heavy metals seeping into cannabis crops that are later harvested and smoked by humans, potentially causing cancer and neurological issues. 

Heavy metal contaminants could be dangerous for people who ingest them, the researchers say, including cancer patients who use medical marijuana. 

The researchers, Penn State University, have therefore proposed strategies for cannabis growers to ensure they avoid heavy metals contaminating their cannabis crops. 

‘Heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium, are known to be carcinogenic,’ said Louis Bengyella, assistant research professor of plant science at Penn State University. 

‘The …

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Medical Marijuana

North Carolina General Assembly will revisit medical marijuana [Video]

Medical marijuana is back up for debate in the North Carolina General Assembly. Senator Bill Rabon’s Compassionate Care Act was the first bill filed in the NC Senate during the new legislative session.Thanks for stopping by Queen City News' YouTube channel! We’re proud to bring you local stories, breaking news, in-depth investigations, Charlotte-area weather, and more! Subscribe to Queen City News YouTube: more Queen City News videos: Visit our other social media channels!