Breast Cancer

CDK4/6 Inhibitors in Breast Cancer: New Populations, Different Settings [Video]

At the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting, a poster discussion session on metastatic breast cancer entitled “CDK4/6 Inhibitors: New Populations, Different Settings” was presented by Maryam Lustberg, MD, MPH, the chief of breast oncology at the Yale Cancer Center in New Haven, Connecticut. She discussed the results from three posters — the LEONARDA-1 study, the PALOMAGE program, and the AURORA Molecular Screening Initiative.

In this exclusive MedPage Today video, Lustberg reviews her presentation and discusses the three poster abstracts.

Following is a transcript of her remarks:

So, I was a discussant on ASCO 2023’s metastatic poster abstracts. And the three abstracts that I reviewed included the LEONARDA-1 study, which investigated the use of a new CDK4/6 inhibitor by the name of lerociclib in patients with metastatic breast cancer who had progressed on one line of prior endocrine therapy. And similar to other CDK4/6 inhibitor studies, the addition of the CDK4/6 inhibitor significantly prolonged progression-free …

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