Breast Cancer

Citizen Satisfaction Index drops to 5-year low as municipalities fail to deliver on the fundamentals of service delivery [Video]

Today at 09:55

Fadiel Adams: Cape Coloured Congress Celebrates

The Morning Review with Lester Kiewit Guests Fadiel Adams – at Cape Coloured Party

Today at 10:05

History of: Writing the story of Rachel Thoka – mystery slave and forgotten heroine

The Morning Review with Lester Kiewit Guests Shaun Smillie – Freelance writer at New Frame

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DEFF supports SA Plastic Pact

The Morning Review with Lester Kiewit Guests Mamogala Musekene – Deputy Director-General : Chemicals and Waste at Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF) Deshanya Naidoo – Circular economy analyst at Greencape

Today at 11:05

Accountability in public service – public service commission on their important role

The Morning Review with Lester Kiewit Guests Leonardo Goosen – Western Cape Commissioner at Public Service Commission

Today at 13:35

Car Talk

Lunch with Pippa Hudson Guests Ciro De Siena

Today at 14:10

Consumer Talk with Wendy Knowler

Lunch with Pippa Hudson Guests Wendy Knowler

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Breast Cancer

360 Diaspora Experience - The Journey to Overcoming Breast Cancer 12/23 by EC Podcast Media [Video]

The 360 Diaspora Experience Podcast Episode 12: The Journey to Overcoming Breast Cancer Host: Keji Ogunleye - Real Estate Agent | Investor | Business Coach Guest: Adrian Evans - Breast Cancer Survivor Produced By: Elite Conversations Podcast Media Host Bio: Keji has a passion to educate everyone who is looking to building a legacy for their family, however, she has a special place in her heart to serve the people of the African Diaspora. Living debt free, she want to educate her people on how to build wealth through real estate and investing both nationally and internationally. She brings over 20 year of experience as a realtor and has help others with investing and growing their wealth. Tune-in to her new podcast "The 360 Diaspora Experience" every Thursday at 12:00pm.

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness month- Inauguration: [Video]

Breast cancer is more common in women than in any other cancer. One out of every nine women suffers from this lethal disease and bears physical and mental distress. In this regard, Ahalia Hospital Abudhabi organized awareness session Activities in Ahalia Hospital Abu Dhabi.Breast cancer is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of cells, which results in the formation of lumps within the breast. It is one of the treatable forms of cancer. If not detected early, it can be a life-threatening disease as it can also spread to other parts of the body. It can occur at any age but, it is most common in women above the age of 40 years.#breastcancersupport #breastcancerawarness #breastcancersupport #cancerawarness #Ahalia

Breast Cancer Skin Cancer

One Woman organises free breast cancer screening for women Pearlsnews Top Entertainment News and Gossip in Nigeria [Video]

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