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Council overrides Kenney veto of marijuana dispensary bill [Video]

Medical Marijuana

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — City Council overrode Mayor Jim Kenney’s latest veto, of a spot zoning bill that will stop medical marijuana dispensaries in some parts of the city from converting to recreational sales if the state approves recreational use.

Kenney noted, in his veto message, that if the law changes, the state may impose regulations that would conflict with the bill’s provisions — especially because the bill would apply to a total of only five dispensaries in two out of 10 council districts. Councilmember Brian O’Neill’s northeastern district has two medical dispensaries. Councilmember Curtis Jones’ western and northwestern district has three. The state is keen on uniformity.

Furthermore, the mayor’s spokesperson says he doesn’t want barriers placed on local businesses.

None of those reasons swayed a single member. Council voted unanimously for the override.

Council President Darrell Clarke said he was not surprised.

“All members voted for this bill, so there’s no reason they would not be supportive of it the …

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