Pediatric Cancer

Diddy to pediatric cancer patients: ‘I’ll dance with y’all everyday!’ [Video]

LARCHMONT, Westchester County — In the song “Bad Boy for Life,” rapper Diddy says, ‘We ain’t going nowhere” and those words are the inspiration for a group of young cancer patients.

The kids have either beaten cancer or are still battling cancer, and they were on a quest to attract the attention of the rapper and entrepreneur. They succeeded!

After seeing several stories and posts to him from not only the nonprofit Fighting All Monsters (FAM), but celebrities as well, he responded on Instagram.

Diddy said that he was inspired and humbled by the fact that the kids and their families found strength in one of his songs.

“I’ll dance with y’all everyday! Never stop believing…and remember WE AIN’T GOING NOWHERE!!!!” Diddy said.

To get his attention, they put out a video with close to half a million views.

The video is set to his hit song “Bad Boys for Life,” which is FAM’S unofficial anthem.

So far, there’s no word on …

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Pediatric Cancer

blood for the blood god - a technoblade anthem (ft. my discord community) [Video]

After two months and an old MacBook model constantly going through system overloads, here's the last community collaboration for this year, in honor of our favorite Orphan Obliterator, Anarchy Aficionado, Porcine Prince, Monarch of Malice, Death Incarnate: @Technoblade.Stream on your favorite platforms: will be monitored closely and every cent earned will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital – a foundation aiding pediatric cancer patients not only in the US, but all around the world.Check out its global program here: Art Jewel AmorSoloistsSekiya Tsushima ( ( ( Jewel AmorLyricsWassup_mkj (same link as above)River_KingK (same link as above)@Fenyx AdeliaPotatchloride ( Sekiya Tsushima (same link as above)straightjacket_kickboxerArbee Lee ( ( Jewel AmorChoirAmary Ameliethyst ( ( Lee (same link as above)Archea AspenGraceK ( @ButterscotchBread Calamamsi! ( ( ( ( ( (same link as above)Ellaorwhatever ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (same link as above)RainbowFanAnne ( ShadoeDarkus shei ( ( StukiStar ( ( TrinityTheAffinity ( Hellion VinyL ( Check out my Discord community! Pretty chill, lots of Pog people in there :D more crap-posting, follow me on Twitter: stream here: me on UltimateGuitar for the chords! out my carrd for additional links, including Spotify!https://preciousjewelamor.carrd.coSupport me by buying me a coffee! #technothepig

Pediatric Cancer

Cardano's Ardana Supporting Stake Pools in New Alliance (ASPA) [Video]

Please consider delegating to the ADA 180 Stake Pool [A180] to support this channel and our mission to improve pediatric cancer research to find less toxic treatment options. Riley's story: ID: 5c83181bf753299cdf5ee2f654fc68ece2add493cefc06eec3483b39Website: https://www.ada180.comTwitter: #ADA #CryptocurrencyAbout ADA 180Daily Cardano (ADA) education via news, content, milestones, and announcements. We understand how fast the Cardano ecosystem can evolve, so we're here to keep you infromed. Videos three minutes (180 seconds) in length to respect your busy schedule. We won't waste your time with speculative BS or moonshot predictions. YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN THAT! Join us every day for your straight forward insight into the Cardano ecosystem.Video serves as education purpose only. NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE.