Colon Cancer

Diet & Colon Cancer Risk | AMAZING TIPS to follow a HEALTHY DIET – Dr. Ravindra BS | Doctors’ Circle [Video]

Diet & Colon Cancer Risk | AMAZING TIPS to follow a HEALTHY DIET – Dr. Ravindra BS | Doctors’ Circle

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Diet is one of the common reasons for colon cancers especially when we use red meat. That is carcinogenic in Western countries it has been proven and the use of stale foods lot of fats is also one of the things lot of oils and fried things and nowadays we use lot of soft drinks that are carbonate sometimes they can also cause. By and large red meat and chemicals what we consume. So with the food we eat if we don’t wash them they enter the small intestine. Red meat is better to be avoided. The fatty food it can accelerate in those who have genetic issues, also the use of carbonated drinks can also accelerate the problem. That is why it is better to have a good diet with vegetables fruits with vegetables fruits , yoghurt, curd, buttermilk, even fishes, eggs are good and better to avoid red meat.


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Colon Cancer

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