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Diet patterns linked to success in immunotherapy for melanoma, research finds [Video]

Experts have found evidence that diet could make a crucial difference to someone’s ability to fight melanoma.

For the first time, researchers have discovered a link between diet patterns and how well a patient responds to immunotherapy – the main treatment when melanoma spreads in the body.

The study, published in Nature Medicine, involved 218 melanoma patients from Australia, the Netherlands and the United States.

The study examined patients’ gut bacteria. (9News)

High-risk patients received immunotherapy before their cancer was surgically removed.

“We have known for some time that the microbiome of the gut shapes a patient’s response to immunotherapy, however we haven’t known what role diets plays in that,” Rebecca Simpson, Melanoma Institute Australia PhD student and study investigator, said.

Researchers examined the dietary patterns of patients and stool samples were collected to profile their gut bacteria.

Diet has been linked to better outcomes for melanoma treatment. (9News)

The study showed that lower fibre and omega-3 fatty …

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Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Free Vlog 5 [Video]

I went to surgeon. The went over pathology report. The was Melanomas around first biopsy site. It was instituted. That means it was on the surface only. There was no cancers in the borders of the wide excision. That means as of now, I am cancer free!!!!I go back inn6 months for head to toe moles check as well as lymph nodes. Thanks for watching.Be you, Be Happy, Be Kind!

Skin Cancer

Olympic Gold Medalist Diagnosed with Melanoma Skin Cancer | Cancer Story [Video]

Cate Campbell diagnosed with Melanoma cancer in August 2022. Cate Campbell is an Australian National Swimming Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist. This is her story.#cancerstory #melanomaawareness #melanoma My cancer diagnosis story: cancer removal surgery story: Campbell article: Jackman article: me your diagnosis story: