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Dr Peush Bajpai Multiple Myeloma Manipal Hospitals Delhi [Video]

Dr Peush Bajpai Multiple Myeloma Manipal Hospitals Delhi

“Multiple Myeloma is a Hematologic malignancy of Plasma cells which are found basically in the blood, and are produced in the bone marrow. It is caused when cancerous ‘chaotic elements’ are produced in plasma cells. The treatment nowadays is done through Targeted and Plasma Modulation Therapy, which includes four to six months of Induction Therapy. “

Watch Dr. Peush Bajpai (Consultant – Medical Oncology Sciences) at Manipal Hospitals, Delhi, speak about Multiple Myeloma (Hematology malignancy of plasma cell), its causes, symptoms, treatments available and its procedures.

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Dr. Peush bajpai
Medical Oncologist
Manipal Hosptials Dwarka
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