Breast Cancer

EP5: Beyond Breast Cancer – That’s NOT the End of the Story [Video]

EP5: Beyond Breast Cancer – That’s NOT the End of the Story


Today I’m going to be talking with my friend, Laura Pastor. Laura has quite a story to share with you that I know you’re going to want to hear. There is a word that no one wants to hear. The “C” word. Cancer. Something that women never want to be uttered out of their doctor’s mouths is “You have breast cancer.”  Yet, that is what Laura heard. Cancer affects all of us in some way.  But cancer is NOT the end of Laura’s story!  Join me in listening to Laura’s amazing journey.
A few topics we discuss:
*Background about your life and your health before your cancer diagnosis
*Your story about how, when & where you learned you had breast cancer? 
*What did you find helpful to get you through this experience that could help others?
*What did you learn after going through this that you wished you had known before?
*What experiences surprised you during this time?
*How did Integrative Health play an important role in your life?
*Talk about your breast implants and what led you to get them removed just recently?
*How have these experiences changed you?

Dr. Robert Whitfield
Erica Ingier
Integrative Health
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**DISCLAIMER:  We are NOT medical professionals and we don’t pretend to be. This in no way serves as any type of medical advice. We’re just two friends sitting down to chat about Laura’s journey with breast cancer, implants, and explants, and how this all affected her life. This podcast is for educational and informational purposes only to help you make your own informed choices and it is not intended to replace the advice from your medical doctor.

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