Breast Cancer

Experts say 3D mammography is more accurate than 2D [Video]

While one local facility received attention for low-quality images in mammograms, experts estimate that 20 percent of breast cancers could be missed at any facility.

ST. LOUIS — In the last month, the I-Team reported the stories of three women who say a local imaging center missed their breast cancer. That clinic was ordered by the FDA to stop performing mammograms altogether this summer.

While the accounts of breast cancer patients shared with 5 On Your Side are connected to a single facility, what they experienced has the potential to happen anywhere. Experts estimate that, even under the best conditions, a mammogram can be only 80 percent effective in detecting breast cancer.

“There are, unfortunately, scenarios where it’s not just that the cancer is missed, but that it can’t be seen on the mammogram,” said Dr. Debbie Bennett, chief of breast imaging at Washington University in St. Louis. “One of …

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