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For Which Cancer to Avoid taking Supplement Angelica? [Video]

For Which Cancer to Avoid taking Supplement Angelica?

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Nutritional supplements and extracts like Angelica have benefits and are used by cancer patients and those at-genetic risk of cancer. There is limited or hardly any clinical data available for use of nutritional supplements and foods in cancer patients. Generating clinical evidence of efficacy for cancer through a randomized clinical trial is further infeasible due to variations in genetics and cancer chemotherapy treatments across cancer patients. Hence a different and new approach is needed to find out for which cancers you should not take Angelica supplement and why should not take them?

Taking Angelica extracts or nutritional supplements may benefit Primary Urethral Squamous Cell Carcinoma patients on Radiation treatment over Damiana nutritional supplements. But Angelica supplements or Angelica extracts offer less benefit if on Imatinib treatment for Primary Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans compared to Vitamin C. Similarly, taking nutritional supplements Angelica may benefit healthy individuals who are at genetic risk of cancer due to mutation of gene JAK2 over Thunder God. But avoid nutritional supplements Angelica when at genetic risk of cancer due to mutation of gene.

Whenever there are changes in chemotherapy treatments or cancer tissue genetics – the nutrition may change and hence needs to be re-evaluated. Do consider factors like cancer indication, ongoing chemotherapy treatments and nutritional supplements, age, gender, weight, height, lifestyle and genetics for personalization of nutrition.
☝ Create Personalized Nutrition Plan for Cancer

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