Prostate Cancer

Health Beat: Lung cancer screening: Life-saving prescription | Health Beat [Video]

NEW YORK — In the fall of 2018, Lisa Barbaro developed a deep cough. An x-ray showed no sign of anything serious. Still, her pulmonologist was concerned. Barbaro was a long-time smoker.

“Every doctor says you need to quit smoking, And I, I had smoked for 50 years, but I wasn’t quitting smoking,” Barbaro said.”

Barbaro agreed to undergo a screening CT scan to give a more detailed view of the lungs. By early 2019, she got the news no one wants to hear.

“She called me and she said, ‘You know, you’ve got two very small nodules on your lungs, one on each lung,'” Barbaro recalled.

She had early-stage lung cancer.

“They were tiny, like just the end of a ballpoint pen, think of it, and, but we saw them change in size, and therefore she was then recommended to have surgery,” said Dr. Claudia Henschke, the director of the early lung and cardiac program at Mount Sinai

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Prostate Cancer

Mayo Clinic Explains Prostate Cancer [Video]

Learning about prostate cancer can be intimidating. Mitchell Humphreys, M.D., a urologist at Mayo Clinic, walks you through the facts, the questions, and the answers to help you better understand this condition. For more reading visit: When it comes to your health, Mayo Clinic believes credible and clear information is paramount. There’s a lot to learn about prostate cancer. We’re here to help.0:00 Introduction0:37 What is prostate cancer?1:43 Who gets prostate cancer? / Risk factors2:38 Symptoms of prostate cancer3:14 How is prostate cancer diagnosed?4:21 Treatment options6:07 Coping methods/ What now?6:37 EndingStill have questions about prostate cancer? That’s okay. videos on prostate cancer Diagnosis and treating prostate cancer: Mayo Clinic Radio - Clinic Q&A podcast: What happens after a prostate cancer diagnosis? - Conversations: A Mayo Clinic Town Hall Series on Prostate Cancer - Mayo Clinic: Mayo Clinic on Facebook: Follow Mayo Clinic on Instagram: Follow Mayo Clinic on Twitter: