Lung Cancer

Helping this sweet lady with lung cancer by cleaning up her yard #shorts [Video]

Helping this sweet lady with lung cancer by cleaning up her yard #shorts

After scouring the streets for over 2 hours in search of someone to help with their lawn, I stumbled upon an elderly lady standing on her porch. Her lawn was in dire need of mowing and maintenance. Without hesitation, I offered to provide my services for free, and she gratefully accepted. During our conversation, she mentioned her neighbor who was also fighting cancer, prompting me to extend my offer to her as well. It was an honor to mow and clean up both of their lawns, and I hope to inspire others to lend a helping hand in their own communities.

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Lung Cancer

As cancer drug shortages grow, both doctors and patients say their hands are tied [Video]

Some drugs used by cancer patients have become in very short supply, leading people who rely on them to scramble for alternatives or get by with smaller doses. After eight years of fighting hard, to find out youre not a priority is very disheartening, one Illinois lung cancer patient said.

Lung Cancer

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