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Human Rights Watch FF 2017 Women Directors: Meet Heather White Complicit [Video]

Heather White is a first-time documentary director. She is the founder and former Executive Director of Verité, an award-winning non-profit organization recognized for its groundbreaking leadership in the areas of global supply chain monitoring and factory social audits.

“Complicit” will premiere at the 2017 Human Rights Watch Film Festival today, June 12. The film was co-directed by Lynn Zhang.

W&H: Describe the film for us in your own words.

HW: “Complicit” follows Yi YeTing, a migrant worker struggling with occupational leukemia who’s trying to obtain compensation from his employer.

Wanting to help others, he begins working for a non-profit that assists workers with occupational illness and injuries. He discovers there are dozens of workers in his local area who were poisoned while making smartphones, constituting a leukemia cluster in the neighborhood surrounding Appleʼs main supplier, Foxconn. Yiʼs research leads him to several workers and their families who are trying to …

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Boy Fighting Leukemia Enjoys Hamburger Dinner With Santa In North Pole CBS Philly [Video]

A 7-year-old Woodland boy diagnosed with leukemia wished to meet Santa Claus and have a hamburger dinner at the North Poleand that wish was granted.

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Seneca Valley Football Teams Draws Inspiration From Athletic Director Diagnosed With Breast Cancer CBS Pittsburgh [Video]

Seneca Valley High School's football team is learning the greatest lessons in life this year.

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My Life with Cancer - Hairy Cell Leukemia [Video]

It's a long video but I had a lot to say today. I put this video together so that others can understand what I've been through. I also put it together for those that have or might be affected by this rare blood cancer. What I've learned through my journey is that you just have to keep going! I say this a lot but I really mean it, thank you everyone for the love and support.Please share or donate to my GoFundMe: Cell Leukemia Foundation: