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ImpriMed: Find the best chemo for your dog’s lymphoma [Video]

ImpriMed: Find the best chemo for your dog’s lymphoma

Every moment with our pet is precious. They bring us so much joy and comfort.
But sometimes, unexpected things can happen, even to the best of dogs.

One day, Lucy, an 8 year-old golden retriever, is diagnosed with lymphoma. Lymphoma is one of the most common cancers in dogs. Lucy’s jaw is swollen, she lost her appetite and is now skin and bones.

When your dog has cancer, time is of the essence. Just like people, not all dogs respond the same way to anti-cancer drugs.

You need to know as quickly as possible what treatments are available for Lucy and how well they will work.

Here’s how ImpriMed can help you. First, a veterinary oncologist will collect a sample of your dog’s live cancer cells. The sample will be packed on ice and will be shipped overnight to ImpriMed’s lab. Once it arrives, ImpriMed provides insight into the efficacy of the various anti-cancer drugs approved specifically for use with dogs. So your care team can know up front which of the proven, familiar medicines will work best.

You can begin the best treatment right away and reduce the risk, time and cost of attempting drugs that may not work.

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