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Jeff Bridges says large tumour has shrunk to ‘size of a marble’ [Video]

Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Jeff Bridges arrives for the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2019.

American actor Jeff Bridges has given an uplifting health update after battling advanced cancer and Covid-19 in recent years.

A tumour in the actor’s stomach that once measured 9-by-12 inches has shrunk “to the size of a marble”, he told AARP The Magazine.

Bridges was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2020, then tested positive for Covid-19 during his chemotherapy treatment. It proved to be a serious case of the virus, requiring Bridges to receive antibody-rich plasma and to use an oxygen tank.

“A lot of getting better was a matter of setting really small goals,” Bridges told the magazine in an interview published Tuesday (local time). “At first they’d say, ‘How long can you stand?’ For a while, my record was 45 seconds before I’d collapse. And then they were saying: ‘Oh, look, you’re standing for a minute! That’s so cool, now can you walk 5 feet?’”


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