Breast Cancer

Louisville’s the Wig Shoppe provides cancer patients giveaways [Video]

The second giveaway recipient, Jennifer Day, was diagnosed with breast cancer just six weeks ago at the age of 36.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a wig shop in Louisville is giving back. The Wig Shoppe regularly helps women who are going through hair loss of some kind, including cancer patients.  

The Wig Shoppe has been doing some giveaways through the month of October. That includes anything that would be most helpful to a woman and her family – a grocery card, an evening of takeout, money for a babysitter, you name it.

The second recipient of the giveaway is Jennifer Day. Day is a 36-year-old mother of two. She’s also a nurse practitioner. Not long ago, she got some news that would change both her and her family’s lives.  

“A little over six weeks ago, I had noticed a pain in my breast,” Day said.  

That pain was a …

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