Blood Cancer

Mandeep Singh- Leukemia Cancer Survivor [Video]

Mandeep Singh- Leukemia Cancer Survivor

Mandeep was 12years old when he was diagnosed with Blood Cancer. He started having fever and weakness one fine day. His family took him to the nearest doctor, but they could not find out what was wrong with him. He then consulted the doctors in Rajiv Gandhi Hospital who diagnosed Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cancer. Mandeep says to stay away from negative people. Cancer is curable in almost all cases. Believe, and you will achieve it.

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Blood Cancer

Whole tumor cell vaccination for treatment of mouse lymphoma [Video]

Modified whole EL-4 lymphoma cells were used as vaccines to treat EL-4 lymphoma. The vaccines induced specific T and B cell immune responses to cure the lymphoma. Elevated Anti-tumor IgG can be used for identification of targeted neoantigens and developing new immunotherapy.

Blood Cancer

House on the Rock Church | Healing Testimony: Carole - Blood Cancer [Video]

Carole R. shares how getting serious about her relationship with God moved her from multiple years of health issues and a cancer diagnosis to being almost fully healed of her sicknesses. Listen as Carole tells more in-depth about her faith growing in the midst of God healing her.A CHURCH WHERE YOU CAN BELONGWhether you’re a seasoned church veteran, are shopping around for a new place to call home or are questioning what it looks like to have faith in Jesus Christ, we want to walk with you on your faith journey. At House on the Rock Church we see ourselves not as a church building with members but as bridge builders with a unique opportunity to share the love of Christ to a hurting and broken world. Our heart is to dive into the community and show this love in a way that’s culturally relevant in our ever-changing society. Our diverse church community is full of families both big and small. Whether you’re new to following Jesus or have been walking with him all your life, we are ready to welcome you with loving and open arms. It would be a great honor and joy to worship and live this life with you.Get in Touch6560 Merritt Rd • Ypsilanti, MI 48197734.433.6080 #healingtestimony #testimony