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More black stem cell donors needed to help save lives [Video]

Weekend Breakfast host Sara-Jayne King chats to South African Bone Marrow Registry’s deputy director Jane Ward and stem cell donor Sibongile Jimlongo.

  • Very few potential stem cell donors in SA are black
  • The SA Bone Marrow Registry is urgently seeking more people of colour to register as donors
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Only about 30% of registered stem cell donors in South Africa ar people of colour.

Many South Africans with blood diseases and blood cancers have died because they cannot find bone marrow donors.

The South African Bone Marrow Registry (SABMR) is calling on more black people to register as donors.

Globally, the chances of finding a stem cell match is 1 in 100,000 and you’re more likely to find a match withing your own ethinic group, says SABMR deputy director Jane Ward.

“The more people of colour, the more donors we have, the better chances of finding a match”, she tells CapeTalk.

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Blood Cancer

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