Pancreatic Cancer

My Husbands Pancreatic Cancer Journey/Starting Chemo/Go Fund Me in the Description Box !💜💜 [Video]

My Husbands Pancreatic Cancer Journey/Starting Chemo/Go Fund Me in the Description Box !💜💜

My Husbands Go Fund Me
My Husband has started his chemotherapy .. In this video we will be sharing him getting counseling from the Oncologists Assistant for his Chemo as well as him starting his Chemo Journey! He did not get the Chemo they wanted due to a national shortage! So now he will be on different Chemo and Vitamin B (which is harsher and has more side effects) and will have to go every other week for his treatment! As well as see the Oncologist and blood work! We appreciate all your love & support! It just means so much to us 💜💜💜💜💜
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Pancreatic Cancer

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