Colon Cancer

My Unexpected Stage 3 Diagnosis / My Future with Colon Cancer [Video]

My Unexpected Stage 3 Diagnosis / My Future with Colon Cancer

This was my worst case scenario. I now have a very complicated life of facing chemotherapy and during COVID at that.

I hope to film what happens next week and the beginning of chemo. We will see if I am brave enough to film it and then to upload it! lol I appreciate you all and that you took the time to watch this video.

I have a GoFundMe set up if you would like to support me. It is here:
Colon cancer is one of the most expensive to treat. While I do have health insurance I am responsible for 20% of all outpatient treatments, scans, etc.

As always thank you for watching and supporting my channel. Now more than I ever I will need the ad revenue from YouTube so I can pay all the medical expenses that I am running up.

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Colon Cancer

What Does Colon Cancer Pain Feel Like? [Video]

Colon cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the colon, which is also commonly known as the large intestine. The colon is about 5 feet (150 cm) long, and it's the final section of the digestive tract. Colon cancer is sometimes called colorectal cancer, a term that combines colon cancer and rectal cancer. This video answers some frequently asked questions about what colon cancer pain feels like.Have you, or someone you know, had colon cancer? Was abdominal pain one of the early symptoms? What other symptoms were there? Feel free to add a comment below.Please share this video, and thanks for watching "What Does Colon Cancer Pain Feel Like?"SUBSCRIBE for more fascinating health, nutritional, and travel tips 🔔 ➡️➡️ ➡️➡️ ➡️➡️ on the links to get more information about colon cancer pain and other symptoms.Colon Cancer Symptoms Clinic Minute: Symptoms of colon cancer Is Colon Cancer Pain Felt? #coloncancersymptoms #colonpolyps #colorectalcancer #bowelcancerKeywordsWhat Does Colon Cancer Pain Feel Like, where does colon cancer hurt, colon cancer pain location, abdominal pain, colorectal cancer, colon cancer symptoms, bowel cancer, large intestine cancer, colon polyps, belly ache

Colon Cancer


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