Skin Cancer

Never remove your OWN moles and 3 other dangerous TikTok trends docs beg you to ignore [Video]

A DERMATOLOGIST has revealed TikTok skincare trends you should avoid at all costs.

TikTok is home to millions of hacks and tips, some of which can be dangerous.

Got a spot or mole? A dermatologist urges caution over how you remove itCredit: Alamy
Dr Muneeb Shah (@dermdoctor) says you should never remove a mole at home or let your barber do it. This could possibly allow undiagnosed skin cancer to spread

Dr Muneeb Shah, a dermatologist from North Carolina, commonly warns his 11 million followers some could actually destroy your skin – and even harm your health.

These include DIY mole removal, or allowing anyone other than a doctor to treat skin lesions.

Moles that change in shape, colour, size or are completely new could be the first signal of skin cancer.

Reacting to a video in which a barber is removing a client’s mole, Dr Shah said: “You should never allow your barber …

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