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New Research Uncovers the Most Effective Lymphatic Drainage Technique [Video]

New Research Uncovers the Most Effective Lymphatic Drainage Technique

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I speak a lot about lymphatic drainage on my channel. I explain the traditional method of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) that’s been used for many decades. But that may start to change! Let’s dive into the latest research findings from the ALERT program on lymphedema treatment. I discuss how these findings are changing the way we may begin to perform lymphatic drainage. We also learn about ICG lymphography and how it’s being used to diagnose lymphatic dysfunction. I will also explain how these new findings can lead to more efficient and effective care for patients with lymphedema.

*All credit for video clips, slides, and data to the Australian Lymphoedema Education, Research and Treatment (ALERT) Program at Macquarie University. Find their Information here:

Suami, H., Heydon-White, A., Mackie, H., Czerniec, S., Koelmeyer, L.A., & Boyages, J. (2019). A new indocyanine green fluorescence lymphography protocol for identification of the lymphatic drainage pathway for patients with breast cancer-related lymphoedema. BMC Cancer

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