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Nick Cannon Got Tattoo in Honor of Son Zen Who Died of Cancer [Video]

Nick Cannon said on Friday that he got a tattoo in honor of his late son, who died of brain cancer last weekend at just 5 months old.

Cannon brought out a photo of the tattoo, which depicts his late son Zen as an angel, on the “Nick Cannon” show on Friday.

“It was a lot of pain, but it was so well worth it,” he said in a clip from the show that was also shared to Instagram. “I enjoyed every moment of the experience to forever have my son right here on my rib, right here on my side as my angel.”

Cannon said getting the tattoo took several hours between Thursday night and early Friday morning. The final image depicts Zen with wings, a halo, and a sash that has his name across it.

Zen, who was Cannon’s son with model Alyssa Scott, died on Sunday.

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Cannon revealed the news of his son’s death during Tuesday’s episode of …

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