Breast Cancer

Paul McCartney Emotional While Recalling Painful Memories With THIS Person [Video]

Paul McCartney used his book “Lyrics: 1956 to the Present” to remember the greatest muse he had and lost – his mother.

McCartney and the whole family had to deal a huge blow when the matriarch, Mary Patricia McCartney, died in October 1956 at 47. She had breast cancer for years before dying from an embolism while undergoing an operation to remove the dreaded cells out of her system.

Once again, he braved his fears and talked about how devastated their family was when they lost their primary source of strength and support.

McCartney’s new book revealed that the “Lyrics” song contains lyrics that tell the story of the loss he never got over.

“You wouldn’t have to be Sigmund Freud to recognize that the song is a very direct response to the death of my mother. She died in October 1956 at the terribly young age of 47. I wrote this song later that same …

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