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Resources and Tools: Part 7 – High Quality Decisions in Prostate Cancer with Dr. Kwon [Video]

Resources and Tools: Part 7 – High Quality Decisions in Prostate Cancer with Dr. Kwon

For this series, Dr. Kwon discusses the decision-making process with Fred, who has recurrent prostate cancer and is making an important decision about hormone therapy. Fred candidly discusses his decision-making process and what he has learned through his cancer journey.

In this video, Dr. Kwon and Fred discuss resources for patients with cancer. For a full list of resources, please visit the cancerGRACE site at, or see these links, below:

Making Cancer Decisions –

UCSF’s Advanced Prostate Cancer Patient Guide –

Non-profit organizations
– Prostate Cancer Foundation –
– American Society of Clinical Oncology –
– National Comprehensive Cancer Network –
– American Cancer Society –

University Cancer Center
– Find your local one here –

Government organizations
– National Cancer Institute –

Consultation audio recording apps
– List of apps –
– Abridge app –

Question listening
– Find a question listing tool here –

Prostate Cancer Support groups
– Best to ask your oncologist
– CancerCare –
– ZERO –

For more, please visit To join the conversation, visit

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Prostate Cancer

Your secret weapon when fighting Prostate Cancer [Video]

By Dr. David Samadi Let’s face it; cancer can be scary and very bad. You may feel out-of-control or lost about what you should or should not be doing. But, no matter what cancer you are diagnosed with, just about every oncologist agrees with (and should recommend) is to exercise. Research shows that for most cancer patients, exercise is safe and helpful before, during, and after cancer treatment. Even with a cancer diagnosis, it’s important to keep physically active, if possible. The human body is made to move, in sickness (most of the time) and in health. Of course, depending on what type of cancer, there are various treatments to battle it. But, fighting cancer also requires an “empowered” patient rather than a “passive patient.” Not exercising can lead to loss of muscle mass and functional decline. Research shows it’s better to move more than to move less.

Prostate Cancer

EP146: Aftermath of radiating prostate cancer | PUTTING DR G ON THE SPOT [Video]

Consultant urologist Dr George Lee Eng Geap, or a.k.a Dr G, explains to a prostate cancer patient about how the external beam radiation works as an alternative to radiotherapy for the treatment of prostate cancer.Read more at WATCH MORE: