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Richard E. Grant praises King Charles for visiting his wife [Video]

Richard E. Grant has praised King Charles ahead of the Queen’s funeral. (Getty)

Richard E. Grant has praised King Charles for his kindness, while paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on the morning of her state funeral.

In a message posted to his 317,000 followers, the Oscar nominee thanked Charles for visiting his wife Joan Washington prior to her passing last year after a battle with lung cancer.

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Grant wrote: “Will never forget the kindness of the King, who visited my wife in her final weeks — empathetic, philosophical, compassionate and kind.

“My heart goes out to him for the incalculable loss of his beloved mother.”

Grant, who has dual citizenship of the UK and Commonwealth country Eswatini, shared pictures of the occasion on which he met the King last year as part of the Prince’s Trust Awards.

The 65-year-old actor was also able to meet the Queen as part of …

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