Brain Cancer

Rick Galusha: Were all gonna rock to the rules that I make | Columnists [Video]

What kind of mess have we gotten ourselves into? The art of politics aspires to the ideal but frequently wallows in the drudgery of governing. Aristotle warned, “Moral virtue is the primary purpose of [government]: to cultivate the habits that lead to good character.”

Despite his on-going bout with brain cancer, former Congressman Brad Ashford continues to inspire faith in our better angels. Although some feel otherwise, Ashford’s courage to stand on convictions while lofting an olive branch across the political aisle, cultivates statesmanship. Ashford’s career transcended the seediness of team politics.

Let’s whisper a prayer for the Ashford family.

Rick Galusha, Community Columnist

Born in the shadow of monarchy, Americans have long been wary of government. Increasingly, our historically healthy skepticism seems to have given way to unhealthy cynicism.

I am frequently disappointed when those I know and once admired sit silently and abide the angry voices of modern political discourse. These elected officials and ideological leaders know better than most …

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Brain Cancer

Cancer: Men more likely to develop tumour than women due to 'intrinsic biological differen [Video]

CANCER is a pernicious disease which can affect anyone, at any time, in their life with statistics suggesting around one in two people will develop cancer in their lifetime. A number of risk factors can affect someone's chances of getting cancer and while some of these factors can be controlled, others can't.