Breast Cancer

Robin Swoboda provides update on cancer battle [Video]

Swoboda sat down with 3News' Monica Robins to talk about her cancer battle and her outlook on life.

CLEVELAND — Robin Swoboda’s laughter is infectious.  She always has a smile on her face, she always finds a reason to laugh- even amid her battle against breast cancer. 

“Hey, you got to have fun with it. You know, I've had hair my whole life, so I don't have hair,” Robin laughs.

She fought breast cancer four years ago.  A lumpectomy removed a non-aggressive tumor. Over the years she stayed vigilant with her mammograms… that was until the pandemic hit. 

“I didn't get a checkup last year. I didn't, you know, it was like, they were not seeing people. They were telling you to avoid if you, if you could. And I thought that that meant me,” Robin said.

She wasn’t alone.

“I’ve seen quite a few patients like Robin who knew they had to …

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