Pediatric Cancer

RVA Donut Run sponsored by Dunkin to benefit the ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation RVA [Video]

RVA Donut Run sponsored by Dunkin to benefit the ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation RVA

The RVA Donut Run sponsored by Dunkin is one that we participate in every year (this is our 5th year). Y’s injuries will leave her to spectate and M runs the 5k. The event was amazing and benefits @ASKCCFRVA
Enjoy the adventure.

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Pediatric Cancer

Ep. 282 - Coffee With Khalipa | Type 2 Fun [Video]

Jason teaches us that you can be having fun, but you might just not reaize it yet โ€” that's Type 2 Fun! Check out today's episode to hear more. Who doesn't like having fun?Jason is the founder of NCFIT, a global fitness company with brick and mortar locations, corporate wellness, and digital services. He is a 3x Team USA CrossFit member and CrossFit Games Champion. A Pediatric Cancer Advocate after his daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2016, host of the Effort Over Everything Podcast, and BJJ Purple Belt.Find Jason Here:IG: Website: NCFIT Collective: Sample Pack:

Pediatric Cancer

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