Skin Cancer

Sarah Paulson on melanoma symptoms [Video]

Skin cancer: Dr Chris outlines the signs of a melanoma

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The US actress – who works closely with TV writer, director and producer Ryan Murphy is currently starring in Impeachment: American Crime Story, which depicts the sex scandal between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. The series which is currently airing on BBC Two every Tuesday sees Sarah Paulson play Linda Tripp – an American civil-servant who secretly recorded confidential phone calls between the then President and Lewinsky. Although far-less dramatic in her real-life Sarah discovered that she had melanoma – a type of skin cancer.

The star was shocked to find out that a mole of hers had …

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Skin Cancer

Charley Belcher after skin cancer diagnosis: Go see your dermatologist [Video]

Charley Belcher recently learned he had skin cancer on his face and had it removed. It wasnt until his daughter, who is a nursing student, told him to get his mole checked out during the Thanksgiving break. He did, and it turned out to be cancerous. Charley had an important message for Good Day viewers after the surgery: Keep an eye on your moles and freckles. Go see your dermatologist. You never know.