Lung Cancer

Scotland news: Boy dies of cancer after doctors dismissed mothers warnings six times | UK | News [Video]

Dame Esther Rantzen ‘optimistic’ following lung cancer diagnosis

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A four-year-old boy died of cancer after doctors dismissed his mother’s warning on at least six seperate opccasions. Rayhan Majid died in his parents’ arms four months after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Doctors discovered an aggressive, grade three medulloblastoma tumour touching Rayhan’s brainstem.

Mum, Nadia, 45, took her son to four different GPs on six separate occasions after Rayhan started suffering from bad headaches and vomiting in October 2017.

It was there that an MRI scan revealed a mass measuring 3cm by 4cm in Rayhan’s brain.

Rayhan was diagnosed with a brain tumour (Image: SWNS/Brain Tumour Research)

Rayhan with his mum, Nadia, and dad, Sarfraz (Image: SWNS/Brain Tumour Research)

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Lung Cancer

Oligoprogression on Alectinib: Next Steps - Lung Cancer OncTalk 2022 [Video]

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Lung Cancer

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