Pediatric Cancer

Spending the last moments with your child | Wyatt Page’s Story | Childhood Cancer Stories [Video]

Spending the last moments with your child | Wyatt Page’s Story | Childhood Cancer Stories

Is it better to know how much time you have left with your kid? Or is it better to lose someone quickly?

This is an interview with Emily and Doug Page, parents of Wyatt Page, and they share their experience with having to say goodbye to their son.
Wyatt endured 5 surgeries, 96 radiation treatments, many pokes, MRI’s, hospital stays, extensive tests, medications and traveled out of state to Memphis, TN and Seattle, WA for months at a time all between March 18th, 2018 until his passing on January 14th, 2020. He never once complained and always had a smile on his face.
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Listen to the full interview:–Interview-with-Emily-and-Doug-Page-emo442/a-a3t98ua


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Pediatric Cancer

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Pediatric Cancer

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Pediatric Cancer

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