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Stage 4 cancer patient, 66, recounts being mauled by bear in her Lake Tahoe home [Video]

LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — A 66-year-old Lake Tahoe woman who is battling stage-4 cancer was mauled by a bear inside her home; she recounted the vicious attack in an interview.

“I should be dead, the way the bear swiped at my face and right here,” Laurel-Rose Von Hoffmann-Curzi told the Bay Area’s KTVU-TV, pointing to one of several scars she received.

Von Hoffmann-Curzi said she was bleeding, scared and screaming as she realized what was happening.

She is fighting stage-4 lymphoma and was isolating herself in her Tahoe home when loud noises from the kitchen woke her up Saturday. That’s when she found a bear by her refrigerator, and it immediately attacked.

“He must have come straight at me,” she recalled. “I have only a vision of the paw. It was dark and then I’m getting torn up.

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Blood Cancer

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