Breast Cancer

Steph McGovern moved to tears as she has mammogram live on air [Video]

Steph McGovern was overwhelmed with while getting a mammogram live on air during her Channel 4 show Steph’s Packed Lunch.

The lunchtime programme aired a special instalment focusing on cancer, with the host helping to raise awareness of breast cancer.

The 41-year-old TV personality underwent a mammogram in a breast screening truck parked outside the show’s studio in Leeds. During the procedure, she stressed the importance of booking an examination.

She said: ‘I should say, as well, the tears in my eyes are not because this is in any way painful. It’s really not. It’s the magnitude of it all, you’re saving lives by doing this.

‘I mean, it is uncomfortable, but that is not painful at all. Honestly, it’s like someone just squeezing you.

‘This technology is so important for saving lives and actually the reality is you come in, you’ll meet someone lovely at reception, you get a nice private place to change, and …

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