Breast Cancer

Swollen lymph nodes: Doctors explain the COVID vaccine side effect that’s being mistaken for breast cancer [Video]

SAN FRANCISCO — As more people are getting vaccinated, doctors are seeing an influx of women making mammogram appointments after noticing swollen lymph nodes in the arm region where they got vaccinated.

Luz Pena, a reporter with ABC7’s sister station ABC7 News in San Francisco, spoke to experts who explain why you shouldn’t worry if this is happening to you.

Two days after getting the second Pfizer vaccine, Julie Mazenko felt a golf-ball size lump in her armpit.

“It was kind of painful and I touched and noticed that it was full of fluid,” said Mazenko, Discovery Bay resident.

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Then she noticed a second one in her neck and a third in the other arm. One of the thoughts that crossed her mind was breast cancer.

“I do have a family history of breast cancer and I …

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