Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness 2021: 1 in 13 women gets breast cancer in their lifetime! [Video]

Many women think that breast cancer will only occur to those with known risk factors such as family history of breast cancer. In fact, 90% of breast cancer cases are not hereditary. Many women with breast cancer have no known risk factors apart from simply being women!We’ve been anxious about COVID and seen how a pandemic can disrupt our lives! Yet, breast cancer has always been around. We should view it with the same level of urgency and educate ourselves so we can lead fulfilling lives. Let Dr. Lynette Ngo, a breast cancer specialist with over 20 years of experience in breast and gynaecological cancers from Curie Oncology share with you 3 simple steps of breast self examination: TLC ( Touch Look Check). Start doing your routine breast self-examination today and schedule your mammogram screening today!1. Introduction to Dr. Lynette Ngo — 0:092. Breast self examination – TOUCH — 0:323. Breast self examination – LOOK — 0:534. Breast self examination – CHECK — 1:065. Deterring factors for mammogram screening — 1:226. Suggested frequency of screening for all ages — 1:41Find out more about Curie Oncology at:Facebook: Instagram: Website: Medical Channel Asia is proud to be a partner of DKSH in creating greater health awareness. This series of videos is brought to you by DKSH.—SUBSCRIBE NOW for your regular dose of Asian health information!Follow us online!Facebook:…Instagram:…Website: